Use Gaylord Boxes and Make the World a Cleaner Place

Gaylord boxes have a durable and sturdy construction which outlasts standard corrugated boxes.

The term, "gaylord", is sometimes used for triplewall corrugated pallet boxes and in the recycling industry, they are used as

contain and totes.


Gaylord Boxes USA, is buying and selling

used gaylord boxes as well as, new gaylord boxes in a variety of sizes.


We have used trailer loads of gaylord boxes for sale, they are in many sizes and styles.


You can buy used and reusable gaylord boxes, but we buy and sell new gaylord boxes as well.

In the recycling world, Gaylord Boxes are large, affordable heavy-duty cardboard boxes.


When the name Gaylord is used in the recycling world it implies a used heavy duty box.

Gaylord’s come in many different types of configurations, many different styles, many different thicknesses, and weight

capacities due to their previous use.


Buy your new or used Gaylord boxes from your own state and save on transportation

to get the Gaylord box to you.


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Gaylord Boxes U.S.A.

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